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API Key authentication

You can authenticate against the Stativate API using an API Key. This API Key will not change over time and will only expire if you want it to.

Getting an API Key

To get your API Key you need to have a Stativate user account. You can register a new account using one of the Stativate Apps.

API access requires a paid plan

Login into your newly created or existing user account and go to Account Settings API Keys. You can create a new API Key there.

Check availability in your plan

Using the API Key

The API Key needs to be sent with every rerquest to authenticate. To do this, you need to send your API Key with every request as stativate-api-key: {your API Key} header.

curl \
-H "stativate-api-key: {your API Key here}"

User authentication levels

As a user you can always only have one authentication level at a time. Your authentication level determines what action you can perform.

Auth Level Description
None Not logged in or not authorized at all
Authenticated Logged in with a valid session. (But the user account is not verified yet)
Verified Logged in with a valid session and the user account is verified.