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Getting started

This guide will give you a quick first start with the Stativate API.

Get your API Key

To get your API Key you need to have a Stativate user account. You can register a new account using one of the Stativate Apps.

API access requires a paid plan

Login into your newly created or existing user account and go to Account Settings API Keys. You can create a new API Key there.

Check availability in your plan

Add authentication header

You can now access the API by sending the API key with every request. To do this, you need to add the API Key as stativate-api-key request header:

stativate-api-key: {your API Key}

For detailed instructions, see the docs on authentication.

Send your first request

You can use the GET user endpoint for a quick check:

curl -H "stativate-api-key: {your API Key here}"

If all is good, the API will respond with your user profile.

Ready to share status information

If that worked you are all set to start using the API to share status information. See the tutorials how to do that: