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HTTP Codes and Errors

HTTP Status Codes

The Stativate API mainly uses the following status codes in responses:

Status Code Result Description
200 Success (with payload)
201 Success (record successfully created)
204 Success with no content in response (without payload)
400 Bad request. The request or the request data is not valid. This will usually happen if the request is malformed, holds wrong properties or invalid values.
401 Not authenticated or invalid authenticaiton provided.
402 Payment required. This usually happens if you try to use a functionality that is not available in your plan.
403 Not authorized. The user is authenticated but not authorized to perform the requested operation.
404 Route not existing or entity not found.
409 Conflict in editing a resource. Might happen if updates happen in parallel or too frequent.
429 Too many requests. This might happen e.g. if you exceed your plans API request limit.
500 Internal server error. Please let us know if this happens.

Additional status codes

In rare cases there might be additional status codes that are not listed in the table.

Error response body

Error responses will usually hold a response payload with the following properties:

Name Type Description
message string A short error message
errorCode (optional) string Additional information on why the request was not successful

Error without response body

Errors with status code 500 and 404 will usually not have a payload, because there is not additional info neccessary.

Short error example (no additional info):

{ "message": "Unauthorized" }

Detailed error example (error code gives additonal info on why the error happened):

  "message": "Bad Request",
  "errorCode": "validationError"