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Simple status value update

We designed the Stativate API to be as simple as possible and to get out of your way. The simplest yet powerful thing to do is to keep an existing status updated by automatically sending new status values over the API.

To update the status value, we will send a simple PATCH request in this tutorial. The request body could not be any simpler, we will simply send the new value:

{ "value": "80%" }

So let's walk through this step by step.


Be sure to read the Getting Started guide to learn how to connect and authenticate against the API.

1. Create the status

This example assumes you created a status in the Stativate application, that you want to update using the API.

Create a new status using one of the Stativate applications. Skip this step if the status you want to update already exists.

2. Find the statusId to update

To get the statusId of your status you can use the list status endpoint. That will give you a list of status you own. Look for the right status name to find the statusId in the list.


This will give you a response like

Sample values

Remember all ids, names and other values shown here are just examples, yours will be different.

    "statusId": "A0aEMOe6n7qMhcExample",
    "statusKey": null,
    "shareId": "xkwd5e",
    "name": "Status One"

The statusId property of your status in the response is the :statusId value for the next step.

3. Update the status value

Updating a status value is very straightforward. You just send a new value to


with a request body that could not be any simpler:

{ "value": "80%" }

The request including authentication might look like this:

curl \
-H "stativate-api-key: {your API Key here}" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{ "value" : "80%" }'

That's it. If everything went well you successfully updated the status value using the Stativate API.


If you want to update more than just the value you can of course extend the request body with other properties from the the update status endpoint. If you want to update the description for example, you might just add it to the request body:

  "value": "80%",
  "description": "An important milestone, thank you all. Now let's go for 90%."