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Sharing status

The concept of Stativate is to make status available by sharing it, to make information easily accessible and recognizable. Sharing a status with other users can be done in various ways.

Sharing a public status is a simple way to lead other users directly to one specific status. Public status is by default already visible to all other Stativate users. There is no need to grant access to other users as they can already access the status.

Sharing a private status means granting access to that status for other users. Private status is by default only accessible by the status owner. To allow other users to access the status requires sharing it with those users.

Share status by link

The simplest way to share a status with other users is to send a link:

  1. Open the status details screen and select the Share by link option.
  2. Send the shown link to the users you want to share the status with.
  3. When the link is opened, the recipient is taken directly to the right status if Stativate is installed on the device. If Stativate is not installed, the recipient will see an info page explaining where to get the application.
  4. The recipient can then subscribe to the status on the status details screen.

For private status the link will grant access to the status for every user who has the link and lead the user who opens the link directly to the status.

Link sharing needs to be explicitly enabled for private status.


With link-based status sharing you grant access to whomever gets to know the sharing link of a private status. You can therefore set an expiry time, change the link or disable link sharing at any time.

Once a status link was used by a user to subscribe to a private status, that user will keep the aquired role for the status even if the link is removed or changed or expires. The maximum expiry time of a private sharing link is based on a users plan.

For every public status link sharing is available by default. The link will lead the user who opens the link directly to the status if Staivate is installed.

Share by invitation

Share status by invitaion

To invite a user to one of your stauts and grant access you can send invitations. An invitation is sent from one user to another for one specific status.

To invite a user you need to know and use the users Stativate username. You then enter the username in the invitaition process and that user will receive an invitation and be granted access to your status. Within the invitation process you can decide what role you want to grant to the invitee.

Sharing by invitation is only available for private status.

Share by ID

Stativate Status Details

Public status are by design available to every Stativate user. We created a simple way to share a public status by ID. Every public status get a short and unique ID that can be used to find the status using the search feature.

If you want to easily share a public status with other, for example in a presentation, you can get the sharing ID from the status details. Every user who has this share ID and searches for it in the Stativate search will immediately find the right status.

Sharing by invitation is only available for public status.