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Users in Stativate

A user in Stativate might be a person, company or institution.

You can use your real name to help other users identify and verify your status. Especially for business and public use, we highly encourage using a clear and descriptive name to help others like your customers and audience to identify your status as trustworthy. Nevertheless, there is no requirement to use your real name.

Every user-account exists independently and is not linked to any other account, group or organization.

Feature access level

The features that are available to you are determined by the plan you are on.

User roles

A user can have different roles for single status. Those roles are defined on a per-status basis, so you can be owner of one and updater of another status.

Role Gets notified Can change values Can edit status
No Role

The owner role

The user who creates a status becomes the owner and has the most rights like editing the status, granting rights to other users and deleting the status.

The updater role

A user becomes an updater if the owner grants this role for a specific status. The updater can change the status value.

The subscriber role

A user becomes a subscriber of a private status by being invited or receiving a share link. For public status a user can just find and follow the status as it is public.

No role

Users who are not yet following a status can still see public status by finding them via search and opening the status details.