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Send us your feedback

We are tech and software enthusiasts ourselves and we love to hear from fellow developers. You got feedback or a question on the API or you just want to let us know about your Staivate use case?

Feel free to get in touch:

Your feedback on the API

Why did you chose to use the Stativate API and how is it going for you so far? Or what is missing so that you might use it?

Unsure if Stativate is right for you?

If something is missing or not working for your use-case, let us know and maybe we have an idea how to do what you intend to implement or at least get to know about your needs.

Your use cases

No matter how you use Stativate and the Stativate API, we would love to hear from you what you do with it.

We are looking forward to hear from you
The Stativate developers